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An update on Louis CK’s online special. I wrote about the special earlier this week and the worries about torrenting (basically a form of downloading files illegally) cutting into the profits.

That doesn’t seem to have affected Louis CK too greatly; he announced on Jimmy Fallon’s late night show (clip above) that the special has made over $1 million. That is over 200,000 people paying $5 through Paypal to watch his special. This is after Louis CK paid for the production of the special (he produced this entirely by himself through his production company Pig Newton) with the money he made from the two shows where the special was taped at the Beacon Theater in New York City.

Louis CK then gave the people in his company a bonus and donated a bunch of other money to charities.

Looks like this online experiment worked for Louis CK and I wonder if any other big-time stand up comedians will follow his model. One thing, though — in every interview I’ve heard with Louis CK (and I’ve heard a lot) since he finished the special, he has mentioned how he was heavily involved in the process from start to finish.

Not that this is unusual for Louis CK — he directs, produces, stars and even edits his show Louie on FX (which will be featured prominently in my top-ten TV shows of the year post which I plan on writing this week).

It took a lot of work for Louis CK to get such a large reward and other comedians who want to emulate Louis CK should know this and plan accordingly.

Oh, one last thing — I downloaded it (after paying $5) and watched it a few nights ago and it was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. I can’t recommend it enough.

Bill Maher accuses The Onion of plagiarizing a joke they did before him

Stand up comedian Bill Maher accused the satirical newspaper The Onion of plagiarizing a joke of his. On Twitter this afternoon, Maher wrote, “I see The Onion stole my placenta joke that I did in Feb 2010 HBO special.”

Yesterday, The Onion tweeted, “In Focus: Afterbirthers Demand To See Obama’s Placenta

If you follow The Onion’s link it comes to a story… from August 27, 2009, something that editor Joe Garden pointed out

Maher obviously was telling his joke before the February 2010 aired, but he didn’t say that in his tweet — he said that they took it from his special. 

Anyway, stand up comedian Daniel Tosh weighed in and mocked Bill Maher, tweeting,”calm down @billmaher plagiarism happens a lot. for example, you said “Life starts at the erection” a year after I told that joke on my show.”

In the past, this likely would have went on behind the scenes in comedy clubs or with Joe Rogan yelling at someone on-stage (OK, ok, there is more to the Rogan-Carlos Mencia story, as Rogan pointed out while on the WTF podcast). Now, through the modern miracle of the internet, we get to see the comedic backbiting go on in public.

Go internet!

No joke: The Onion Sports Network

It really isn’t a network, rather it is a half-hour show on Comedy Central, but The Onion will be teaming up with Comedy Central to create “Onion Sports Network.”

While The Daily Show and the Colbert Report are unmitigated successes, Comedy Central’s other shows have been hit-or-miss*. While The Onion is great at what it does, I am a little skeptical of a half-hour sports parody show.

Don’t confuse OSN with ONN, the Onion News Network, since this will be a parody of ESPN rather than CNN. 

Look for it in early 2011.

* Has Comedy Central had a breakout show, besides TDS and the Colbert Report, of course, since Chappelle’s Show?

This is from Lee Camp, a stand up comedian that I met (briefly) at Netroots Nation last year. He was very funny on the panel that I saw (and at the show that I vaguely remember him performing at*) and was nice enough to give me a DVD**.

His moments of clarity on YouTube are always worth watching, so enjoy.

* Not because of him, but rather because I had one or two adult beverages. 

** Which I promptly lost. Yeah, I’m like that sometimes. 

Is this the best one yet? Despite the appearance of the lead singer of Good Charlotte?

Obviously the Autotune The News folks have a lot more production value than they did back when they first began and now feature more original stuff (original as in things that are not autotuned clips from news shows or C-SPAN).

A lot of people on Twitter had said that the Autotune the News featuring Eric Massa’s insanely… insane Glenn Beck interview would be the best one. It’s definitely up there. Now let’s hope we don’t have to wait for #12.


I’d read about this league, but hearing the founder (“Moose”) actually come out and say these blatantly racist things on national TV (albeit national cable TV) is pretty amazing.

Usually I’m not a big fan of Jason Jones, but he does very well in this Daily Show clip.

Christopher Walken is usually one of the funniest hosts on Saturday Night Live and this clip from ten years ago proves it. Sure, Walken is just blatantly reading the cue cards, but just about anything he says can be hilarious because of his delivery.

That said, what happened to Tim Meadows? He’s on the Craig Ferguson show occasionally, but he would be a great straight man for a sitcom or something.