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Man with dead marten (not weasel) attacks another man

So, uh, what?

The victim asked, “Why are you carrying a weasel?” Police said the attacker answered, “It’s not a weasel, it’s a marten,” then punched him in the nose and fled.

The attacker was apparently looking for his girlfriend and had gone to her former boyfriend’s apartment Monday where the victim was a guest.

My favorite part is how the article calls the animal a weasel the entire time.

Monkeys are being ridden by dogs in this video — and the speech manages to be even weirder than that. 

How can you not watch this is what you should be asking yourself. 

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Woman arrested for pretending to be doctor, giving breast exams

A woman in Idaho was arrested for pretending to be a doctor and giving breast exams at local bars. 

The two women told Boise officers they believed Ross was a physician because of her apparent medical knowledge, and they agreed to undergo what they thought were breast exams, which happened at the bars.


As part of her ruse, Ross gave the women the telephone number of a real licensed plastic surgeon in Boise, the state capital, authorities said.


Staff at that medical office became alarmed at the number of calls they received from women in recent weeks attempting to confirm appointments or surgeries with a Berlyn Aussieahshowna, according to charging documents.

So, uh, yeah. Stay classy, Idaho. 


It was actually a woman who did it. 

Poynter examines “sack tapping” epidemic

No joke.

If it were just an isolated incident, it would not matter as much. But “sack tapping,” or hitting or kicking someone in the testicles, is a YouTube attraction and is leaving serious injuries.

Take this story from Minnesota for example, which quotes a local urologist saying he performs three to four surgeries a year on teens who have been injured in these so-called games. He sees dozens of such injuries in his office that do not require surgery. All in just one community.

Late last year, WTHR-TV in Indianapolis took a deeper look at the rumors of widespread sack tapping (also called “ball tapping”). I appreciate that this station, which often proves to be thoughtful in its reporting, conducted a survey of school nurses to find out the extent of the phenomenon, rather than rely on anecdotal evidence.

At the risk of sounding like a crotchety old man… WTF is up with kids these days?