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Surprise! HOPA dry erase girl a hoax

TechCrunch has the details. Of course, this is after TechCrunch gave the story legs earlier in the day without checking up on the details.

If you didn’t see it (though if you’re reading this I guess that you saw it) you can see it here.

The actress’s name is Elyse Porterfield, and she will be famous tomorrow. I predict that she will be on CNN, Good Morning America and other TV shows that I don’t watch because they have people like this on their programs.

We will always have Steven Slater, though.

Tip o’ the digital hat to @zazochi.

TechCrunch: Using the iPad a religious experience

There have been ridiculous iPad reviews. But none as ridiculous as the first couple paragraphs of this TechCrunch review of the iPad:

In these times we have little opportunity for mystical religious experience. By “religious” I mean the feeling that something exciting is about to happen – whether after death or immediately, through the intercession of a divine being, a miracle in life. The neophilic mind has craved magic, craved the new and spectacular, since prehistory. Man deified thunder, worshiped the cave bear. Over time we have refined the impulse; we have learned to associate it with places and things of our own creation, which provoke the mystical feeling in themselves and in what they represent. Cathedrals were at once a site for worship and a site for awe, and our better natures were expressed in them for centuries.

These days a small minority of us, mostly situated in the developed world, have replaced the awe of religious experience with the awe of technological advancement. To further that line of thinking, the fanboy is, it can be argued, a new form of religious supplicant and the fanboy’s most prominent church is the Church of Apple.

Which brings up a point that the iCultist (John Biggs) probably didn’t mean to bring up; would you have a devoted Catholic “review” the Catholic Church?

In other words, he admits right off the bat that his review is untrustworthy. Now, if an iCultist had HATED it, it would have been something. But the burden for someone so devoted to an idea (in this case the iDea of Apple) of saying they DON’T like something created from the idea (iDea) is almost insurmountable.

That said, he says to wait until the next generation of iPad; which seems good for any piece of tech. Buying the first version of anything that is put out is basically like paying to be in the public beta. 

The price will drop on the iPad 6-10 months, new features will be added and the early adopters will complain. Even the iCultists.

"Area man" and the iPad

One of the things that we see constantly in the satirical newspaper The Onion is stories about an “Area man.”

For example, an article from about two years ago “reported” on how Area Man Makes it Through Day. In April of 2005, The Onion reported Area Man Well-Versed in First Thirds of Great Literature. In 2001, we learned that an Area Man Likes to Think of His Own Past as Sordid.

This spawned The Onion’s Area Man t-shirt.

So what does this have to do with the iPad?

Well, there is a man named Greg Packer, who is basically an attention-seeker who tries to be quoted in as many news articles as possible as an example of the “area man” that The Onion mocks. 

The New York Times’ City Room blog did a great post on Packer today, laying out the details of Packer and where he’s been. Most interesting was a link to a 2003 profile that The times did on Packer, which referred to him as an “everyman.” *

From the 2003 article:

In the last two years alone, Mr. Packer of Huntington has provided the common person’s perspective on an array of city happenings, ranging from an ‘N Sync concert to a New York Jets playoff game. He has weighed in on everything from Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s book signing to the release of the latest ”Star Wars” film and has been quoted by The New York Post, The New York Times, Newsday, The Associated Press, National Public Radio and the major television networks — not to mention The Independent of London and The Morning Call of Allentown, Pa.

In his latest quest to be the “area man,” Packer is the first in line for an iPad. **

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facebook has its own flavor of vitamin water

So reports @techcrunch.

VitaminWater has just announced that its newest flavor will be called “Connect”, complete with a Facebook logo and a full paragraph description loaded with references to untagging, friend requests, and photo stalking. It’s black cherry-lime flavored, with caffeine and “eight key nutrients”. And it’s coming to stores nationwide in March.

But really this is just a reason to post this video again: