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Saturday Night Live with an uncharacteristically funny skit, here iwth Bill Hader playing Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. 

Cookie Monster auditions to host Saturday Night Live.

In the grand tradition of Betty White and… well, that’s about it, Cookie Monster wants to use a viral internet campaign to catapult him to hosting Saturday Night Live. 

To help Cookie Monster host Saturday Night Live, go here:

Ah, Sesame Street. Is there anyone in the whole country that doesn’t love you?

I thought that last night’s Saturday Night Live was the best of the season, and this clip was maybe the best of the night.

It features Saturday Night Live taking on the controversial TSA pat-downs. 

Betty White is hosting Saturday Night Live; will this get the best ratings of any episode without a huge lead-in (e.g. Saturday night football or Winter Olympics closing ceremonies)?

zach galifianakis shaves his beard

Zach Galifianakis hosted Saturday Night Live this past Saturday night, and he had some funny skits (others like “What’s up with that?” were as dumb as normal. And yes, I watch SNL). But between the second Vampire Weekend song and his final sketch (probably the oddest and among the funniest of the night), Galifinakis shaved his beard, just leaving a weird mustache.

Need proof? SNL taped it backstage.