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Brett Favre to profit off consecutive games streak ending

What do you do when your streak of days at work ends? If you’re Brett Favre you sell footballs celebrating your record-long streak! (h/t @darrenrovell)

One of the most historic streaks ever in all of sports has come to an end. The NFL’s own Ironman Brett Favre has ended his consecutive starting game streak at 297. Chances are if your under 40 you don’t remember a time in the NFL with out Brett Favre playing on Sunday. This is a monumental feat especially at the quarterback position. Just consider since 1992 the Chicago Bears have watched over 20 QB’s start for their team; and the average career length in the NFL is less than four years.

The bizarrely wording and bad grammar (you’re =/= your, Favre’s people!) is a description of a $499.99 keepsake that “will be available in about 30 days.” 

I don’t get the part where they say “chances are if your [sic] under 40 you don’t remember a time in the NFL with out [sic] Brett Favre playing on Sunday.”

I’m 25, so I was 7 when his streak started. I’m pretty sure people who were 22 (15 years older than me) remember a time without Favre playing football. Hell, people who are 30 probably do!

Alan Sepinwall says on Twitter, “Ha. SportsCenter commercial break after 12 minutes of Favre promises even more Favre afterwards. #thisiswhywehatehim.”

It isn’t like he died; it’s just an over-the-hill quarterback no longer playing and potentially never playing again. 

Anyway, the streak is over, “INACTIVE” is trending on Twitter and Favre will probably be trending on Twitter and Google Search before much longer. 

a lot of people watched the football game last night

It was the NFC Championship game with the second-highest rankings ever, and the highest-ranking NFC Championship game for FOX, showing how much CBS wanted Brett Favre in the Super Bowl (though the Super Bowl will still bet he most-watched show all year, even if the Jaguars and Seahawks were playing).

That said, holy crap, Minnesota. If your team could just not fumble*, we’d be talking about a Vikings-Colts Super Bowl instead of the first ever Super Bowl for the New Orleans Saints.

But, like much of the section of America who follows football, I am glad we don’t have to see two weeks of Favre-in-the-Super-Bowl drooling from ESPN, the NFL and everyone else who covers sports.

*Also: That horrible pass interference call and oddly taking your foot off the gas when you were at the edge of field goal range.