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Some really great photos and a lot of brutal photos. These are photographer Esther Lin’s favorite MMA pictures from 2011.

If you don’t like to see blood or people getting hit… this probably isn’t for you. In there are a number of great photos that aren’t of people being hurt. The one of Roy “Big Country” Nelson grinning is probably my favorite. But the picture of a bloody Shane Carwin getting hit by Junior Dos Santos will stick with me for a long time.

Chad Ochocinco wants to fight Anderson Silva

In case you haven’t heard, the NFL may be heading into a lockout this fall. In other words, there is a chance that there won’t be any football this fall. So the NFL players will have some time off.

What does Chad Ochocinco want to do? Fight MMA. Against Anderson Silva, arguably the best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet.

"I’ll whip his [expletive]," Ochocinco said at ESPN the Weekend in Orlando, Fla. "I’m not going to the ground. I know if I’m going to fight Anderson, I have to fight him standing up. I’m quicker than him. I know he’s good at what he does, but let’s not be fooled. I’m one of the elite athletes in the NFL. I’m very fast."

Then again he said that he could beat Michael Phelps in a swimming race as well. That was in his previous incarnation as Chad Johnson, though. And he wants to play for Barcelona.

I’m sure there are dozens of other examples of Ochocinco challenging people in other sports that he isn’t a pro in and believing that he is better than the best in the world.

The WEC went out with a bang when Anthony Pettis pulled out an incredible wall-walking kick on lightweight champion Ben Henderson. It didn’t knock Henderson out, but Pettis won the fight by decision — including by just one round on two judges cards.

If things had played out differently (say, he misses the kick and Henderson takes him down while he’s off-balance), he could have lost the fight.

Instead, Pettis will go on to face the winner of the UFC title bout between Gray Maynard and champion Frankie Edgar. Plus, Pettis is the last WEC champion ever, as the promotion is being absorbed into the more-popular and profitable UFC.

Building the UFC’s first outdoor stadium

Here is an article in The National about this Saturday’s UFC bouts; UFC 112 will have a couple of first. It will be the first time that the UFC has had an event in the Middle East (in Abu Dhabi) and it will be the promotion’s first outdoor event.

“We obviously provide grandstand seating at a lot of concerts, but this is different in that it’s four large grandstands … with even bigger structures behind them which house the video screens that will be showing the live fights.”

A structure above the Octagon – the cage in which the bouts take place – has been built to support the 24 tonnes of suspended audio and visual equipment needed to ensure both the spectators on hand and the millions expected to watch on pay-per-view television around the world will not be disappointed.

“I would say there will be more audio for UFC than the Aerosmith concert,” Mr Charteris said. “It is bone-crushing.”

The stadium is temporary and will be torn down after the event. If it seems like a waste of a lot of money for a one-off event… well, that’s Abu Dhabi.

And two of the four best fighters in the world will be competing on the card; Anderson Silva (considered by many to be the top pound-for-pound fighter in the world) will take on Demian Maia while B.J. Penn (a lightweight who once held his own against a light heavyweight) will take on Frankie Edgar*.

On March 27, George St. Pierre, another top pound-for-pound fighter, retained his welterweight belt. 

It has been a very active few weeks for top-ranked mixed martial arts fighters, which has no signs of stopping.

On April 17, Strikeforce will have a card on CBS, featuring Shinya Aoki** (the second-best lightweight in the world according to many) and Gilbert Melendez and two-time Olympian wrestler Dan Henderson fighting Jake Shields for Strikeforce’s middleweight title.

Then, on May 8, Lyoto Machida and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua will fight in a rematch of a fight that many thought Rua won; instead, Machida retained his light heavyweight belt***. There will also be a fight there (Josh Koscheck vs Paul Daley) that should set up the next challenger for St. Pierre. Not to mention the ever-popular (if not technically skilled) Kimbo Slice.

* To be honest, I’m not completely sure who Frankie Edgar is.

** Aoki broke a guy’s arm last time they fought. In Aoki’s defense, the guy refused to tap out; on the other hand, Aoki probably didn’t have to get in the guy’s face and flip him off right after breaking his arm.

** Machida was the light heavyweight that Penn fought to a decision loss years ago in Japan.