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Calculating Law and Order’s conviction rate

People that have way too much time on their hands are going through the entire run of Law and Order (456 episodes) and finding out the outcome of the cases in every episode.

The project is currently halfway through the 19-year run of the show.

If you watch the show, you won’t be surprised that “Plea bargain” is the most common outcome. What might surprise you is that in the real world, over 95% of felony convictions come from plea bargains. You could argue that this makes L&O unrealistic. But who says that Jack McCoy doesn’t settle 95% of his cases? The series is only a record of his most interestingcases, so naturally we get a lot of trials. I’m sure Sherlock Holmes had a lot of boring cases, but Watson didn’t bother writing about those.

Read the link above the excerpt for the entire post including graphs of the year-by-year conviction rates.