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NY Times highlights The Onion’s stories on Joe Biden

The Onion is America’s Finest News Source. The satirical news magazine says so on the newspaper’s flag, and would The Onion ever lie to us?

The New York Times noticed this and actually wrote a story about it. Specifically about the stories and headlines that they have been doing on Vice President Joe Biden:

Political satire typically seizes on a public official’s foibles or flaws and exaggerates them — Gerald R. Ford’s clumsiness,Bill Clinton’s fast-food cravings, George W. Bush’s malapropisms, for example. Turning the craft on its head, writers at The Onion have created a caricature of the vice president that is entirely incongruous with his public image. Of all Mr. Biden’s imperfections, being a womanizer and a drunk are not on the list. In fact, he does not drink and has been, by all accounts, a devoted husband and family man for more than 30 years.

The Onion’s portrayals of Mr. Biden began as traditional vice president jokes (“Biden Pardons Single Yam in Vice-Presidential Thanksgiving Ritual”) but writers there had an epiphany last year when they discovered that tweaking their caricature of the vice president into someone virtually unrecognizable from his public persona — “Biden To Cool His Heels in Mexico For a While,” read one headline — was comic gold.

It is really weird to see a New York Times Media & Advertising article on stories that The Onion writes. The Onion is one of my most-read websites and it is weird to see a story about their articles (and hilarious headlines) in the pages (or on the screen) of a serious newspaper like the New York Times.