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HuffPo screws up on picture of pregnant woman welcoming husband back from Iraq

There are some good journalists at Huffington Post — but a lot of content on Huffington Post isn’t exactly well-researched. For example, this post titled, “What’s wrong with this picture?

The picture shows a wife of a US Army veteran welcoming her husband back from Iraq. She is pregnant.

He was on a 12 month tour, so obviously that means she conceived the baby with someone else because he was gone, right?

Huffington Post makes the easy jokes on this front.

As our Jason Linkins says, “Looks like there was a counterinsurgency at home.”


The story behind the “Welcome Home Daddy Belly Painting Picture is that I had the idea to paint my pregnant bellywith a special message for my husbands return from Iraq. 

Our baby was conceived in March while he was at home on his leave. 

The woman, Kendra Kaplan, explained further in the Huffington Post story’s comments.

First off thank you to all who are nice about the picture. SECOND! I was 5 months pregnant. My husbad deployed in september of 2008. He returned in March which is when we conceived. He was home for 20 days. Tomas was born Dec. 2nd 2009. It is my husbands and this site should be ashamed that they change around the captions. This is awful. Go to getty images and look up kendra kaplan. It says we conceived on mid-tour. And that little boy is my 3 1/2 year old son. NOT BROTHER. 

Huffington Post got it from 9Gag by way of The Daily What. I can’t find the specific post on The Daily What, so it may have been taken down.