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Heh. I hadn’t seen this before (though it clearly isn’t new as it has just about 2,000,000 views as I write this) but it came up in the queue on Funny or Die after the When Harry Met Sally 2 trailer I had to watch it.

Though the Ralph Macchio one isn’t as well done as that one, it is still pretty damn funny. It helps when you have a veteran TV director behind the camera and a star willing to make fun of himself a bit. 

Though this isn’t a real movie trailer, it should be. After all, Weird Al Yankovic created a career out of parodying songs — why not create a parody of the music biopic?

I don’t mean like Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox story, but one based on a real person — Weird Al. 

And having Gary Gole and Mary Steenburgen as his parents? Tell me you wouldn’t watch that movie. 

You can’t.