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Bill Maher accuses The Onion of plagiarizing a joke they did before him

Stand up comedian Bill Maher accused the satirical newspaper The Onion of plagiarizing a joke of his. On Twitter this afternoon, Maher wrote, “I see The Onion stole my placenta joke that I did in Feb 2010 HBO special.”

Yesterday, The Onion tweeted, “In Focus: Afterbirthers Demand To See Obama’s Placenta

If you follow The Onion’s link it comes to a story… from August 27, 2009, something that editor Joe Garden pointed out

Maher obviously was telling his joke before the February 2010 aired, but he didn’t say that in his tweet — he said that they took it from his special. 

Anyway, stand up comedian Daniel Tosh weighed in and mocked Bill Maher, tweeting,”calm down @billmaher plagiarism happens a lot. for example, you said “Life starts at the erection” a year after I told that joke on my show.”

In the past, this likely would have went on behind the scenes in comedy clubs or with Joe Rogan yelling at someone on-stage (OK, ok, there is more to the Rogan-Carlos Mencia story, as Rogan pointed out while on the WTF podcast). Now, through the modern miracle of the internet, we get to see the comedic backbiting go on in public.

Go internet!