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"Area man" and the iPad

One of the things that we see constantly in the satirical newspaper The Onion is stories about an “Area man.”

For example, an article from about two years ago “reported” on how Area Man Makes it Through Day. In April of 2005, The Onion reported Area Man Well-Versed in First Thirds of Great Literature. In 2001, we learned that an Area Man Likes to Think of His Own Past as Sordid.

This spawned The Onion’s Area Man t-shirt.

So what does this have to do with the iPad?

Well, there is a man named Greg Packer, who is basically an attention-seeker who tries to be quoted in as many news articles as possible as an example of the “area man” that The Onion mocks. 

The New York Times’ City Room blog did a great post on Packer today, laying out the details of Packer and where he’s been. Most interesting was a link to a 2003 profile that The times did on Packer, which referred to him as an “everyman.” *

From the 2003 article:

In the last two years alone, Mr. Packer of Huntington has provided the common person’s perspective on an array of city happenings, ranging from an ‘N Sync concert to a New York Jets playoff game. He has weighed in on everything from Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s book signing to the release of the latest ”Star Wars” film and has been quoted by The New York Post, The New York Times, Newsday, The Associated Press, National Public Radio and the major television networks — not to mention The Independent of London and The Morning Call of Allentown, Pa.

In his latest quest to be the “area man,” Packer is the first in line for an iPad. **

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