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Activision axes Guitar Hero series

Guitar Hero, which burst onto the scene in 2005 and immediately became the hottest video game franchise out there, is now no more. Activision announced that it is discontinuing the franchise.

It came because Rock Band has been kicking its ass in sales and, well, they have some other games that people want to buy.

“Blizzard significantly evolved its direct digital distribution capabilities with the launch of its new® service and saw players embrace its service offerings in record numbers,” [President and CEO of Activision Blizzard, Bobby Kotick] continued. “Notably, since Call of Duty: Black Ops was launched in November players have spent an average of 52 minutes per day playing online, roughly equivalent to the 55 minutes that the average user spends each day on Facebook. As of February 2, 2011, more than 27 million gamers have played Call of Duty games online, logging more than 2 billion hours, or the equivalent of more than 229,000 years of gameplay.”

Kotick concludes, “Online gaming continues to broaden its appeal. Our shareholders continue to be well positioned to benefit from these trends and the focus of our incredibly talented employees around the world continues to allow us to lead our industry. We expect to continue to drive long-term growth, increase our return on invested capital and generate strong cash flow as we have over the last few years. Our strong balance sheet affords us the financial flexibility to invest in games that few companies have the ability to create and allows us to provide our shareholders with value through dividends and share repurchases.”

RIP, Guitar Hero. We’ll always have “I Love Rock and Roll” implanted in our brains thanks to the original Guitar Hero six years ago.

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